About Us


We have been providing e-waste recycling services since early 2019, we are a relatively new startup in the industry but we have a deep background in technology. We are utilising out significant experience and innovative practices to provide superior outcomes for our clients, along with better outcomes for society at large by preventing electronic waste going to landfill.

Founded by four guys from the Western Suburbs with one requirement to prevent electronic waste going to landfill. We operate out of our warehouse in Yarraville, and service Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. We are available for the drop off of e-waste from 9am to 8:30pm at 30/15 Earsdon Street, Yarraville, if you are unable to drop off a large quantity call us at 0416 261 131 to arrange a free pickup.


Whilst striving to always prevent electronic waste going to landfill, we are continuously trying to innovate and implement better practices for improved environmental performance. As technology hardware continues to improve, the recycling processes need to improve alongside. This approach of consistent striving for excellency on the environmental impact of our industrial operations wedded with constant improvement is a key differentiator to the rest of the industry. 


70% of toxic waste in landfills is from e-waste and each year 50 Million Tons of e-waste goes into landfill, so preventing this degradation of our air, water and land is of the utmost importance. At Re-Bit we are striving to be apart of the solution of this issue, operating with the best practices to ensure responsible recycling of your e-waste.